Vantta Account


To create a Vantta account all you must do is to fill in the required fields on the registration page (here) and press the register button. The required fields are:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • E-Mail
  • Password
  • Confirmation E-Mail

    To be able to use any feature of Vantta you’ll have to confirm your e-mail address before login, check your e-mail inbox for a confirmation link, this link will redirect you to your profile/login page.

    If you don’t see anything on your e-mail please check your spam folder, if you don’t see it there either please contact us at


    Login is straightforward, simply type the e-mail with which you have registered and the password then press login on the login page (here).

    If there’s any problem with your login an error message will appear on screen.

    Profile Modules

    Business Selection

    In this area you can select the business you want to monitor and remove businesses. Here you also define the industry of your business which will then influence the categories which you can choose.


    This section defines the time period you’ll be monitoring, you can select a specific period by using the date pickers “from” and “to” or you have the option to select predefined standard periods such as:

  • Today
  • This Week
  • This Month
  • This Year
  • In the period section you can also select the season. A season is a period of time with a specific category template, when you change the categories you'll be creating a new season.


    This area will give you a general overview of the status of the retrieved feedback on the selected period.

    On the left side you have the number of ratings and the average of those ratings, the right side has three graphics representing the “global satisfaction percentages” of your customers:

  • Positive reviews (above 8)
  • Average reviews (above 6)
  • Negative reviews (under 7)
  • Categories

    The graphic on categories is a representation of the average of each individual category from the selected time period.

    Pay special attention to the red and green values since the red is the worst evaluated one and the green is the best.

    Daily Average

    The daily average has the values of the average of each day of the week (selected period). Per example if the value of Thursday is 5 and the value of Friday is 8 it means the ratings given on Thursdays are a lot lower than on Friday.

    Individual Ratings

    Here you can see each individual rating given by the customer - this is the value he gave to each individual category with the OneSwipe. You can also see the comments left, if there are some. There’s a comment filter on the top so you can filter the ratings by certain keywords left on the comments.

    Mobile Application

    Download APK

    To install the application on the device you plan to use to retrieve feedback you need to download the APK file, to do so just click on the download APK button on side menu after expanding it.

    Install APK

    After downloading the APK file you need to transfer it to your android device, make sure to remember the folder where you place it. On your android device you need to first enable “unknow sources” so you can install Vantta’s App to do this follow the instructions here.

    Go to the folder where you placed the APK file and touch on it and proceed with the installation steps that will appear on screen.

    Configure APP

    Now that you have the app installed you need to associate your business to it. Open the app and you’ll be prompted with an input field to type a token – just write the token that is associated to your business that you can see on the expanded menu on the token area – click enter and you should be all set.

    If you have defined staff members on the menu the app will also ask for a login for each staff member.